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16 Apr 2000

The ritual and mystical visions of Percy Konqobe and Sfiso Ka Mkame work well together in the Goodman space: both Konqobe's bronze sculptures and Ka Mkame's oil-stick-on-paper works just restrain a sense of darkness beneath their accomplished surfaces.


Ka Mkame's thickly layered and scraped images combine subtly clashing emotional landscapes, often depicted in modular segments within the same frame. A central, womb-like module provides the visual and narrative focus of Ka Mkame's associative visions around a particular issue or feeling: love, sexual or physical abuse, pregnancy, abortion. The layers of these issues - which are profoundly political for the artist, and firmly on the side of women - attain additional texture through Ka Mkame's technique: the thickly layered consistency of the pastel finds itself undone in the delicacy of the scratched lines, putting the works visually, oddly, somewhere between Renaissance painting and contemporary South African linocut. It's an interesting feel...Click to continue reading


Author: Brenda Atkinson

Article first seen: https://artthrob.co.za