Ronald Muchatuta strives for national unity in The African Immigration Series

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15 Dec 2015

Ronald Muchatuta, a Cape Town-based contemporary artist has created a collection of paintings titled The African Immigration Series, which deals with the issues of immigration and xenophobia; a familiar topic to the Zimbabwean-born artist.  


The series is part of the Aesthetically Vogue group exhibition at Eclectica Design & Art in Cape Town which will be showcased until Sunday, 31 January 2016. As South Africans prepare to commemorate Reconciliation Day on Wednesday, 16 December 2015, Muchatuta’s artwork is a great reminder that we need to continue striving for national unity. The intention of the public holiday is to encourage the reconciliation between different racial groups. 
The African Immigration Series is an ongoing body of work paying homage to the African migrants who were brutally killed earlier this year during the xenophobic attacks. African migration has taken its toll on black people affected by war and economic pressures  and is currently a pressing issue - from the recent xenophobic attacks that happened in South Africa to the Nigerian women practising prostitution in the forests of Italy," says Muchatuta...Click to continue reading
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