Roberts gets down to bare bones of art

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19 Feb 2015

A RARE opportunity is on offer at the Artisan Gallery in Durban’s Florida Road as an exhibition of works from internationally renowned artist Carl Roberts is on display.  


The sculptor – who has collections displayed the world over including in England, France, China, the US, Colombia, and across Africa – is known for his elaborate works with a number of materials including stone, coral, indigenous wood and – as in the case of this exhibition – bones.In an interview with Tonight, Roberts said he’s been making bone sculptures since the ’80s. Asked why he chose the materials he works with, he said he likes to be excited about his art.

“So I need new materials and I like to use the materials in the world in which I live.”

Roberts’ themes are varied. He said sometimes he is driven by the material and sometimes he has an idea and sets out to find a piece of material that suits the subject.


“The one thing I don’t want to do is to rationalise my art. I want it to be a gut feel and instinct-based. Contained in any work will be an amount of art history or social history or psychological aspects, but you just need to also be true to yourself and do what excites and interests you,” he said...Click to continue reading


Authour: Latoya Newman

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