Raw Vision – Ronald Muchatuta

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01 Mar 2016

We recently spoke with Ronald Muchatuta, an artist and Zimbawean living in South Africa. We spoke on the social inequalities and history of South Africa and about those that have come into the country in the midst of these issues already not only underlying, but very much bubbling on the surface. It seems with all its anger and fight to reclaim the land, South Africa especially with its poorest inhabitants have shown hostility to those coming to the country in search of refuge. 


Particularly, to Africans arriving from outside the borders of South Africa. In 2008, we saw the biggest and most violent wave of xenophobic attacks leaving many dead and injured or forced to fled townships where they have moved to. The poor killing the poor in the name of land or all out blind rage and it still lingers. In many cases, one can still hear an unrelated misunderstanding between a working class South African and Zimbabwean for example end up with, ”why don’t you go back to your own country”. It is a sensitive issue in a state that has been infected by centuries of racial stigma.

As artists we have to remove ourselves from the outside world in order hone a discipline. To develop a tool that we can take back into the world so that something new and relevant can be displayed or said. Screened, played or sprayed. Muchatuta is someone who has been doing that for years with relentless passion...Click to continue reading

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