‘Quanta:’ Paul Blomkamp talks Quantum Physics, Light and Texture

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21 Oct 2016

ART AFRICA spoke to South African artist Paul Blomkamp about his latest body of work, ‘Quanta,’ which will be on show at Objekt | Design | Art (ODA), Franschhoek from the 21 October – 19 November 2016. Here Blomkamp takes us through his history and working process, placing light and the ‘electrical essence’ of quantum science at the forefront of his practice.


ART AFRICA: What attracted you to painting and where does your interest in Quantum Physics originate?

Paul Blomkamp: In 1979 (when I was thirty years old) I contracted Legionniares disease from drinking water on a golf course. Within a week I was ‘dead.’ The resultant near death experience transported me to a place where energy and its workings were revealed in such utter detail and clarity that it drastically changed the way I look at everything; life, death, and painting. What I witnessed and experienced was the very details of immensity. I had fallen into a sea of seething electrical activity where the light was brighter than bright. From being very ill I taught myself to meditate, in an attempt to try understand what was happening to me and then to translate this experience onto canvas.

I had been connected to the ‘Electrical Essence.’ It is this essence that informs everything that I paint. My fascination with Quantum Physics was born out of a dire need to understand and become more connected to this...Click to continue reading


Article first published: https://artafricamagazine.org