Pitika Ntuli unveils his 19 ton sculpture at Melrose Arch

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17 Sep 2018

MELROSE ARCH – The Quantum People statue is unveiled in celebration of Steve Biko’s life. Crowds gathered at Melrose Arch to watch as acclaimed South African sculptor and poet Pitika Ntuli unveiled his 19-ton Quantum People sculpture made out of granite and metal chains inspired by the African Union’s Agenda for 2063.  


The unveiling of the sculpture deliberately coincided with the anniversary of Steve Biko’s death.

Ntuli explained that he was inspired to look at the current situation on the continent and see what he could do to make the African Union agenda a reality.

At the unveiling of the sculpture, Ntuli explained that it took four years to create with the help of young people who came into the studio knowing little about art before the project.


Author:Sarah Koning

Article first seen:https://rosebankkillarneygazette.co.za/