25 Jul 2015

Background to story: Exhaust pipes, chains - some of the material used by black South African sculptor Pitika Ntuli.At present living in exile in London, Pitika does not believe in art for art's sake. Every work he creates must have a message - about the human predicament, and especially about the situation in South Africa.


Pitika at work on a piece made from concrete breeze block; at London exhibition; scenes of his home town Witbank, Eastern Transvaal - coal mine, steam locomotives, town, black township, children playing, slag heaps; black and white still photographs of Sharpeville; Pitika working on wooden sculpture in London backyard; examples of his work in wood, soapstone, stone and bone; Pitika SOF on meaning in art; funeral of Pan African Congress President, Robert Sobukwe, in February 1978 (file film); Pitika SOF on sculpting whilst in prison - demonstrates with block of soap; pictures of the painted homes of the Ndebele; Pitika in London scrapyard looking for suitable material; examples of his work made from exhaust pipes, saucepans and chains; Pitika explains work which symbolises situation in Southern Africa.

Film: Rev – Sound: Mag/SOF – Colour– Available in HD

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