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05 Jun 2013

“There was freedom and democracy was in place. … I found myself in a dark place. It forced me to look at my own healing … I also used the camera to look at the healing that was going on in the country.”


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Paul Weinberg is a documentary photographer and founding member of Afrapix, the photo collective that fought the Apartheid machine with their cameras. We meet at Weinberg’s office at the University of Cape Town, where he is the senior archivist for the visual archives. He is busy with an ambitious project preserving South African photography collections for future generations. Weinberg who was the official photographer for the 1994 elections that saw Nelson Mandela voting for the first time tells me about his depression that ensued when freedom arrived and his resulting body of work – Moving Spirit.

This video is one in a series of interviews with South African photographers about photography and democracy here – then and now.