Memoirs Through Pokua’s Window

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28 Apr 2018

Memoirs through Pokua's Window is a new series of works by Gideon Appah in response to his  upbringing within an extended Ghanaian family. He recalls his grandparents, aunts, and uncles who are characterized by strong family bonds, religious activities, and folklore.


Through nostalgic blues, verdant green landscapes, and thick charcoal lines, his monochromatic compositions dreamily depict domestic interiors and landscapes shaped by memories of an upbringing intercepted with rivers, plains, trees, plants, and tiles.

Appah’s main inspiration is sourced from his old family album, which includes photographs of familiar and unfamiliar faces; he attempts to recreate the living experiences of a typical Ghanaian home setting in the 80’s and 90’s. 

In a meditative state, Appah paints and superimposes domestic objects such as pots, stools, lamps, windows, burglar proofs, album photographs, and masks into the painting’s background. The uncertainty of these forms alludes to the inconsistency of recollection, while the juxtaposition of their vibrant cool and warm tones—blue, green, orange, and red—are redolent of the contrast between homes’ interior rooms and exterior porches...Click to continue reading


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