Late icon of African spirituality Credo Mutwa remembered as a 'vibrant storyteller and healer'

26 Mar 2020

The late icon of African spirituality and heritage, Credo Mutwa, had incredible knowledge about Africa and earned respect among international scholars and writers. This is according to historian and sculptor Pitika Ntuli, who paid tribute to Mutwa yesterday.


Mutwa died yesterday morning in Kuruman, Northern Cape, at the age of 98.

Ntuli said Mutwa, a playwright, poet and storyteller, was forced to move from place to place because his level of spirituality was not understood by many.

Mutwa was respected country-wide and has written books that drew strongly from African mythology.

According to Ntuli, Mutwa knew about the origins of Africans.

Ntuli said Mutwa led a very fascinating and yet extremely frustrating life. He said the late sanusi specialised in the highest form of spirituality

"It was a frustrating life because indeed many people did not understand that he was trans-journeying the real essence of what Africa is," Ntuli said.


Author: Patience Bambalele

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