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23 Jan 2020

A plastic graduate and trained in Kinshasa, Aza Mansongi produces a deep artistic work focusing on her commitment to awareness. She tells us about her journey and the concept behind her creations.  


LDBC: Tell us about yourself.

AM: I have been passionate about drawing since my childhood, I spent my time reproducing comics. Thanks to this penchant for art and also the encouragement of my parents, in 1996 I joined the Humanity Artistic of Kinshasa where I continued my studies for 6 years. Then, I joined the Higher Institute of Fine Arts in Kinshasa in 2002, where I obtained in 3 years a graduate diploma in easel painting.

LDBC: What are your sources of inspiration? 

AM : I draw my inspiration from daily life on my continent, everyday life, by interpreting social phenomena that affect me directly or indirectly.Today, our world, which has become very capitalist, is going through situations that produce events that call out to war: wars, poverty, climate change, the economic crisis, the list and many, many. These events cause discomfort to African society in particular and the world in general.

LDBC: What does your work focus on then?

AM: Painting invites me to have a look at what is happening in Africa in particular. I interpret these events in my work not for the purpose of giving lessons but to get observers to think. Beyond the subjects that I deal with, I always advocate beauty, aesthetics in my work, as well as the frequent use of warm colors and from time to time a little humor...Click to continue reading


Author: Karim Yunduka

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