Nando’s And Yellowwoods Art Collaboration

01 Sep 2016

One of the special projects featured in the 2016 edition of 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair in London was a group exhibition commissioned by Nando’s – an international restaurant chain famed for its Afro-Portuguese cuisine – in collaboration with Yellowwoods Art. Nando’s patronage of contemporary African art, through its close partnership with Cape Town based Yellowwoods Art, both enables the development of artists and the curation of Nando’s own art collection. Through Yellowwoods Art, Nando’s have amassed one of the biggest collections of contemporary Southern African art in the world with over 7,300 original works exhibited in their UK restaurants.


The four artists selected to participate in 1:54 echoed the ethos of the art fair, diversity. The artists – Lizette ChirrimeRegi BardavidKagiso Patrick (Pat) Mautloa, and Maurice Mbikayi – showed diversity in geographical origin, concept, medium, and career development. Their exhibition was a mingling of collage (by Chirrime), abstract expressionism (Bardavid), an installation of found objects (Mautloa), and a photographic series of a Sapeur, who was adorned, most unusually, in scrap computer parts rather than luxurious fabrics (Mbikayi).

But hidden within this variety of mediums and seemingly disparate artistic theses lay shared philosophies on the creation of art as the product of a contemplative process and the capability of art as a transient force for healing. The artists disclosed these philosophies to Nadia Sesay in an interview on the opening day of 1:54...Click to continue reading


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