Doodles alive on canvas

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20 Aug 2016

Dennis Mubiru is as a visual artist of raw, naive expressionist style that uses poetry, drawing, painting, text and image, abstraction figuration and raw colours. He carefully uses social commentary in his paintings as a springboard to deeper truths about an individual.


He often doodles. Some of his pieces are coloured pencil on paper and raw colour on canvas or cloth with a loose, spontaneous, and dirty style. They may come off like a child’s paintings. But that is before you study them for deeper ideas and ultimate interpretation.

Finding meaning
His works are socially and religiously charged. They are also themed around relationships between or across different tribes and religious affiliations and race, love, sexual affiliations, affection, life in general and day-to-day political or social issues.

His art is provocative and stimulates debate on issues that many artists are not interested in or are simply timid to tackle.

“I try to forge an understanding of who we are in terms of brotherhood, forgetting the differences in race, religion and colour that is distinct among humans,” Mubiru explains. One of his recent art pieces is of a female figure trying to cuddle the male counterpart, telling him all is going to change if he gives her a second chance...Click to continue reading



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