On Common Ground: David Goldblatt & Peter Magubane

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29 Jun 2018

Curated by Paul WeinbergOn Common Ground marks an historic moment as the work of two of South Africa’s most renowned photographers, David Goldblatt and Peter Magubane, are to be exhibited side-by-side for the first time.With both photographers, this is a poignant moment to reflect on their respective legacies. 


Curator and photographer Paul Weinberg brings works by these veterans into direct conversation, using the gallery space to mirror major and lesser-known bodies of work that present Goldblatt and Magubane’s astute and distinct approaches to photography within the context of a shared pull to document apartheid South Africa and the post-1994 period of democracy. By exhibiting them together for the first time, we present a unique journey through these photographers’ archives. On Common Ground also marks one of a small handful of exhibitions for Magubane in a gallery setting. Through this exhibition, we hope to address the historical oversight that Magubane has, in his lifetime, received such limited visibility in a contemporary art context.