Christiaan Diedericks' new art exhibit poses tough questions for post-'94 SA

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26 May 2019

The artist's 50th solo exhibition, 'In Search of a New King', is a call for our country to heal


In Search of a New King is Christiaan Diedericks' 50th solo show and his second at The Melrose Gallery in Johannesburg. His latest work - which includes everything from huge monotypes to delicate ceramic plates - explores themes that sit uncomfortably in post-apartheid SA such as racism, white privilege, colonialism and corruption.

One can be forgiven for initially thinking that Diedericks is simply giving a hat tip to the prerequisite -isms of 2019. In Search of a New King is - to use millennial parlance - decidedly "woke", but, spend a little time with the works and layers upon layers of meaning start to emerge.

The title of the exhibition is taken from the song Without Blame, a duet by Ismael Lo and Marianne Faithfull. "I am gone, gone with the wind, I am gone in search of a new king," they sing; not only did these lyrics spark the idea for Diedericks' latest body of work, but they also capture his political homelessness in SA today...Click to continue reading



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