Artist Gideon Appah paints ‘Love Letters’ to memory

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01 Aug 2019

Gideon Appah’s Love Letters, a series of figurative paintings, brings the artist’s memory and personal history into the gallery space. Using his family’s photography album as a memory jogger, Appah’s paintings retain the expressive pose that is associated with the Ghanaian studio photograph and its baggage of myth-making.


The participants in the photographs are either his relatives or strangers who visited his family house. Be it lovers cuddling, or a girl posing, the paintings are freed from political connotation. The participants are everyday people living their everyday lives, the mundane and not-so-ordinary. But it is also these activities that make their memories.

Appah’s current offering is a successor to his earlier series titled Memoirs Through Pokua's Window. Even though the two are similar in theme, Appah largely moves away from the scenes of rivers, plains, trees, and tiles. He also drops his charcoal sketches and superimposition of found photos on his paintings. Rather, he focuses on people and in certain cases, juxtaposes the paintings with the photos that inspired them...Click to continue reading 


Author: Kwabena Agyare Yeboah

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