Art Dubai Residents: Nostalgia through Ghanaian artist Gideon Appah’s eyes

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24 Mar 2020

DUBAI: Despite the Art Dubai’s Residents exhibition forced to halt due to safety precautions during the international coronavirus pandemic, six artists from around the world were already hard at work on their new creations before the strict measures came into force in the UAE. 


Gideon Appah, a Ghanaian mixed media artist, paints and collages archival prints, posters and photographs to produce narratives that blur the line of cultural understandings of social relationships.

“Since 2018, I’ve been working with more archival photography, old newspaper articles, stills from Ghanaian movies,” explained Appah. “I’m interested in dramatic portraiture, comparing the 70s and 80s to the present.” Activating what he calls a “radical experience,” his body of work, and the paintings created during the residency, play with what the viewer can, or cannot, see through the layered techniques to reveal a “ghetto, low-pop” cultural view of Ghanaian society. “Some are fictional, I’m not too strict, but I want to play along with setting the sensual culture from way back,” said Appah, noting that the material also includes known and anonymous letters and diaries. “When you talk about Africa, people don’t talk about romance, but Africa has a lot to show when it comes to love! Not in the way other cultures show it, but through an old-school style, we do it.”...Click to continue reading



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