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07 Jan 2011

IN 2001, Clint Strydom – whose art, up until that point, had consisted primarily of charcoal drawings and a short, unsatisfying foray into graphic design (it was “too restrictive”) – photographed a set of cutlery for the menu of the restaurant that he and his wife owned and operated on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast at the time.


He was so pleased with the resulting macro shots that he set aside two of the images, printed them across a width of two metres and hung them on the walls of the restaurant.

Within one week, Strydom had sold both the photographs for R3 000 each. Six months later, the couple sold the eatery so that he could focus on photography full time.

“Certainly, my work has evolved since then, especially the black and white images,” he says. “But I still love the simplicity of those very first images. In fact, I often go back to them to remind myself about that style of work, about the value of not over thinking things and that there is art in the simple things around us.”

In his most recent collection, The Real Heroes – which is part of the 2010 Fine Art Collection – Strydom’s large black and white images demonstrate a keen eye for detail that is offset by dramatically strong lines and earthy tones...Click to continue reading

Author:Penny Haw

Article first published:https://pennyhaw.wordpress.com