1976 exhibition recalls turbulent times

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15 Jun 2016

Exhibit also reflects on the sigificance of the uprising for the present day


Feature image: Gugulethu, 1976. The police have shot this man and are dragging him away. When a certain newspaper would not publish the picture, the photographer lied to the news editor and said that the police were rescuing the man from the crowd. The picture was used. The only complaint from the government was about showing a policeman smoking. Photo: Juhan Kuus

“If they had not fired shots, June 16 would not have been as black a day as it turned out to be,” Mike Mzileni is quoted in a caption to a photograph in the 1976/360 exhibition at the University of Cape Town (UCT).

The exhibition not only marks the forty-year anniversary of the 16 June uprisings, but also considers the significance that 1976 has for today’s youth.

Consisting of video installations, artwork, and at its core, the iconic photographs of Sam Nzima and Peter Magubane, the exhibition takes the viewer from Soweto to Cape Town to UCT.