'Ulungile Magubane Presents 'Mamakhe'

The Melrose Gallery, Johannesburg
01 Aug 2019



Ulungile Magubane will present a powerful performance art piece. There is a discourse in our society that undervalues the work of a woman in building and maintaining generations of fatherless children. It is painful work, often taking place in a domestic setting which is so often the place in which many women live and die. Children carry what we carry. They see what we see. They feel what we feel. This piece is to form part of archival material. Material that suggests that we could use innocent, nurturing spaces of childcare with strength and confidence- that is how we write ourselves (women, and the work that we do at home) into history, even if only with lullabies and images that depict pure, unadultered, unconditional love between a child and his/ her/ their mother(s).

This piece is about tenderness. It is a surface level exploration into the power of giving, sustaining and nurturing life in its early stages. Women are an inextricable part of the beginning of life - motherhood is not an individual or singular embarkment. It takes a village. Motherhood is informed by generations and generations of knowledge that flows through the womb and into the flesh of the child.

Ulungile will perform after Jessica Foli whose performance will start at 6:30pm sharp. The evening will end at 10:30pm.

Space is limited to 70 people. RSVP is essential to craig@themelrosegallery.com and we will confirm via email if space allows.

Cover photograph taken by Natalie Paneng


Exhibition views

Some views of the exhibition