Timeless - In Umhlanga

Gateway, Theatre of shopping
26 Apr 2018 - 29 Apr 2018



TIMELESS, a captivating group exhibition by established and emerging artists from Africa, runs 26 to 29 April at Gateway Theatre of Shopping, Umhlanga. Stuttafords, F100. IBV Supercar, Art and Shopping Festival.

The Melrose Gallery, in association with International Bank Vaults (IBV), is proud to present ‘TIMELESS’ a captivating group exhibition, as part of the inaugural IBV Supercar, Art and Shopping Festival.

The exhibition features works by established and emerging artists from the Continent of Africa. These artists consist of: Esther Mahlangu, Willie Bester, Aza Mansongi (Cameroon),Clint Strydom, Paul du Toit, Stanislaw Trzebinski (Kenya), Christiaan Diedericks, Restone Maambo (Zambia), Mbongeni Buthelezi, Sfiso Ka-Mkame, Andre Stead and Ndabuko Ntuli.

The title of the exhibition speaks to the ‘TIMELESS’ nature of art and includes works by artists who range from 27 to 82 years old. It’s interesting to see such a range of works created by artists who were born and worked in such different periods presented together.

Dr Esther Mahlangu will be receiving an honorary doctorate from the Durban University of Technology in May and it’s exciting to see her represented in the exhibition. Whilst her large paintings are inspired by traditional Ndebele design, one can’t help but notice how modern and current they are and are sought after globally by many of the world’s most respected museums and collectors.

Mbongeni Buthelezi is globally renowned for his unique use of waste plastic applied with a heat gun to create works of art that are often confused with oil paintings. Ndabuko Ntuli, who hails from KwaZulu Natal, creates powerful artworks from waste and found objects.

Willie Bester and Dr Mahlangu will be showcasing artistic collaborations with Mr Nelson Mandela created in 2004 that they and the Mandela Family, via The House of Mandela, unveiled for the first time towards the end of last year. This is the first time that these have been shown in Durban and are the perfect way to celebrate the Mandela centenary. Willie Bester is globally recognised as one of South Africa’s foremost resistance artists and will also be showcasing other works in his acclaimed style.

It is also exciting to note that 4 of the artists selected hail from KwaZulu Natal proving once again that our Province is a fertile breeding ground for exceptional creative talent. These consist of Clint Strydom, Sfiso Ka-Mkame, Ndabuko Ntuli and Mbongeni Buthelezi.

The exhibition also includes 3 artists from outside of South Africa. Stanislaw Trzebinski was born and grew up in Kenya. He is only 27 years of age and yet he has already developed a strong following for his powerful sculptures. His solo exhibition at The Melrose Gallery in 2017 was extremely well received and he is definitely a talent to watch. Aza Mansongi lives and works in Cameroon and is well known for her unique ‘African pop art’ influenced by popular culture. Restone Maambo is a talented visual artist and spiritual healer who comes from Zambia.

Clint Strydom is a director of The Melrose Gallery, making this one of the few artist owned galleries in the country. He lives on the KZN South Coast and is an acclaimed photographer who has worked with numerous respected entities such as Aston Martin Global, FIFA, the Mexican Football Hall of Fame and numerous others. He is showing works from his Aston Martin Elements Collection that were recognised as part of the iconic brands global brand identity for rollout via their dealership network and from his recent solo exhibition ‘Hidden Voices and Silent Shadows of Prison Number 4’ which he created in collaboration with Constitution Hill.

We are fortunate to be able to include some important works of Paul du Toit, the much loved pop artist, with a studio in New York and Cape Town, who developed a very strong global following and sadly passed away from cancer in 2014. We are also showing sculptures by Andre Stead and exquisite works by Christiaan Diedericks. Christiaan was invited to participate in 7 international biennales in 2017 and is widely recognised as one of South Africa’s master print makers.

The IBV Supercar, Art and Shopping Festival aims to provide a valuable platform to promote the artists of Africa and supercars and to provide an exciting experience for the public.
International Bank Vaults intend touring this festival to other shopping centres around the world and The Melrose Gallery has agreed to partner with IBV on a permanent basis in order to curate captivating exhibitions as part of these festivals and to promote art as an alternative investment option for their large global client base