Messages for Mandela exhibition for Hilton

Hilton College
18 Sep 2013 - 23 Sep 2013



This collection will assist to raise much needed revenue and exposure for Thanda. Clint lives on the South Coast and has a long standing relationship with Thanda and has generated substantial funds for this respected NGO via the sale of his artworks in annual fundraisers in New York and London.

Messages for Mandela tells a story from the heart. From the smallest children to the coolest teenagers, one thing is for sure amongst the children at Thanda After-School: Mandela is their hero.

In the rolling hills of rural Umtwalume, where children run with wire toys along the dirt roads, they call him “Tata Mandela”, referring to him as their own father. We asked them to write messages for Mandela, and heartfelt appreciation and love spilled onto crumpled pieces of paper. With their short-stubbed pencils, they told of their understanding of the sacrifices he made, of their deep gratitude for freedom, and genuine concern for his health. They told the story of a man who will never be lost, and they showed a story of hope for the future.

Clint Strydom brought these letters to life through photographs of the children themselves. Their smiles portray a new Africa - a hopeful Africa - where children have pride in themselves and goals for the future. It is the Africa Thanda works to create and funds from these photos will benefit Thanda’s work with children in rural South Africa.

Clint Strydom’s works have been exhibited internationally and he is most known for telling the ‘forgotten’ stories from Africa’s rural communities.

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