Kusina Amai Hakuendwe

AGOG Gallery
06 Oct 2016 - 11 Nov 2016



Kusina Amai Hakuendwe’ (loosely translated from Shona as ‘Do not stray too far from your Mother’s umbilical cord’ ) is a multi-disciplinary body of work created by Harare born artist Ronald Muchatuta regarding his observations and readings of a myriad of complexities occurring due to the African diaspora.

‘Kusina Amai Hakuendwe’ comprises of painting, drawing as well as mosaic practice and highlights a multitude of deeply laden conversations as expressed by his usage of thick impasto oil paint and gestural mark making. The body of work offers an exploration on the topic of migration as expressed through the usage of animals as subjects- otherwise articulated as the ‘freely migrating’ in Muchatuta’s works.

‘ European borders are neglecting African migrants access into their regions but benefited from colonization’. The artist also expresses the notion of border control as a colonized regulation against those living within the continent by frequently incorporating imagery of fencing, barbwire and controlling limitations within the compositions. Muchatuta too expresses through portraiture his own capabilities of breaking through these political as well as metaphysical barriers.

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