Bongi Bengu and Monique Mrazek present 'Spell of the Sensuous'

The Melrose Gallery, Johannesburg
15 Aug 2019



We take our inspiration from all women whom we recognize as warriors, heroines, goddesses …. Who through all time continue to sing the songs, sharing their stories, gathered in a circle, 'Under the warmth of the African sun'....

They still, quietly, hold the power of creation, as nurturers, connecting the heavens with the Earth …. Intuitive and receptive, embodying the divine feminine principles, qualities and attributes of the original mother, sacred Earth, who forever nourishes and sustains our very existence,,,

We invite the audience to step aside from the ever expanding digital matrix, a reality that isolates us from this direct encounter, filtering the mind and limiting our connection to the natural wonders …. Altering our senses and withdrawing our attention from the sensuous world.

Aiming to restore beauty, harmony and balance.... Through the art of Mandala making as a performance art piece, we will share this language of the senses, prompting an awareness, influencing and transforming, listening and observing, as we reshape perceptions through the expression of Mandala making, evoking the spell of the Earth.

We aim to establish community and a connection by inviting guests to share in the weaving of this story, co-creating a nature inspired Mandala piece with elements gifted from the Earth.

Please arrive at 6pm as the performance starts at 6:30pm sharp.

Food and drink will be served thereafter until 10:30pm. Space is limited to 70 people. RSVP essential to and we will confirm via email if space allows.

Exhibition views

Some views of the exhibition