"Through Art we find meaning, purpose and definition . Above all we find worthy Vibration to the pulse of life ." -Ronald Muchatuta

In the last twenty years, Ronald Muchatuta has emerged as a fiery, passionate and undaunted visual artist who is determined to use his platform as a means of change and discourse in our contemporary context. Hailing from Zimbabwe, Muchatuta explores potentially Zimbabwe’s largest social issue: the Diaspora. Through his work, Muchatuta examines the effect of leaving one’s homeland physically, spiritually and psychologically.

For multi-disciplinarian artist Ronald Muchatuta, art is a means of communication and connection: an inherently social and political dialogue that is engaged by the creator and the viewer. Art gives important context to our individual and collective lives. His work is fraught and harrowing – like a people’s collective nervous breakdown translated onto a canvas. These foreboding themes come from Muchatuta’s own context: a Zimbabwean, his dialogues revolve around the contemporary issues facing the people of Southern Africa – migration, identity politics, post-colonialism and discrimination.

As such, his work is strongly influenced by the act of displacement and the relationship between exiles and migrants and their homelands. Not only a painter, Muchatuta is also skilled at drawing and creating mosaics. At an early age, he began to decorate pottery and create mosaics, two disciplines that would influence his later work to make it relatable, tactile and evocative.

Muchatuta's artworks grace numerous private, public and corporate collections including The Spier collection, Hollard, Board members of the Museum of Modern Art (New York), Nandos – fine art collection, US Senate offices and others based in Africa and abroad.



The foreign and the familiar: Reading the China bag in South Africa

The foreign and the familiar: Reading the China bag in South Africa

01 Feb 2019

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