Edozie is a Nigeria based self-taught artist who stands out with his neo expressionist style focusing on the human condition, societal behavior and how it has affected him personally. He believes colors are the quickest way of expression hence he uses it as a vehicle to drive emotions and feelings right at first sight. A sense of comic satire is felt across poorly rendered human figures which he uses to show movement and dynamism in his subjects he also puts down short captions on the painting, he calls them thoughts which he uses to further convey the message of the paintings, these “thoughts” most times causes a lingering question in the mind of his audience. This is a very integral part of his paintings as he says “asking the right questions could be the first way to discover problems which his society is oblivious about.

Edozie having been heavily influenced by renaissance art, how their clothes, jewelries and hairstyle were very significant to the class of the subjects in the society as well as to tell the  fashion trends at the time, he does the same in his paintings, even as far as using street signs or wall markings around his city and his university environment for the purpose of documentation for future generations to glimpse an experience of how the world must have changed a lot since his time. The artist draws inspiration from studying a lot of modern art listening to alternative music which he meditates with while painting. Some of Edozie’s paintings are raw and provocative others more refine, he believes this is as a result of how he feels about the subject at hand. 

Watching Edozie paint in his studio can be very “entertaining”, his attitude seems as though he’s having an actual conversation with the canvas and as he says “painting is like a conversation for me and every stroke prompts a certain type of response and you just go on, trying to balance the whole equation and at the end a beautiful picture is painted”. 

He hopes to bring this studio experience down to his exhibitions hence he makes short films of the moment. 

Working majorly in acrylics, oils and pastels on stretched canvas Edozie’s expressive use of intensive colors followed by his vivid human expressions with high level of balance and composition causes an up burst of emotions in his viewers which usually stirs up conversations right at the spot, his childlike and sometimes aggressive strokes make room for accidents which also make his paintings unique and look effortless and gives the piece a presence especially in modern day minimalist design in homes.

The artist’s last show was in March, 2019 with Thought Pyramid Art Center, Lagos. The artist he resides in Benin City, Nigeria.

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