Clint Strydom

Clint Strydom


Self-taught South African photographer Clint Strydom has the profound gift for capturing humanity. His lens-based artistry unravels the hidden perspectives of the overlooked or forgotten in society, resulting in work that is timeless, measured and still. His experimental signature style reflects in his choice of subject matter, varying from haunting interpretations of Constitution Hill’s prison to the FIFA World Cup of 2010.

Clint Strydom is a renowned South African photographer, lens-based artist and photo essayist. His self-taught technical flair and experimental signature style has created visual narratives whose timeless profundity permeates political, private and commercial spaces. In his quest to re-balance historical narratives, Strydom found himself drawn towards one of his defining bodies of work: `Hidden Shadows and Silent Voices of Prison Number 4’. This collection was captured inside the historic and notorious `Number Four’ prison at Constitution Hill. The series was created to communicate the great injustice and inhumanity of conditions in prisons for Black inmates during apartheid. Corporate and commercial spaces have also benefited from Clint’s eye. His images in the series ‘Real Heroes’ were celebrated during the 2010 FIFA World Cup and his prints for Aston Martin are nothing short of iconic. As appreciation for the success accorded him in his career, Strydom elected to invest in other artists of African descent. In 2016, the photographer opened The Melrose Gallery, in Melrose Arch, Johannesburg.


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