Aza Mansongi

Aza Mansongi aligns with her native Congolese school of figurative realism, but she transcends these expectations with her bursts of colourful abstracts that radiate energy, humour and humanity. Mansongi’s visual artistry has enjoyed exposure in Africa, Europe and the USA. Her work vibrates with the hope for happiness with one another, despite - or perhaps because of - the frenetic unpredictability of modern life.

Aza Mansongi’s art doesn’t speak – it sings. Her Congolese background provided her with a school of classical, figurative realism but it also gifted her with her subject matter – humanity persevering or rather thriving, despite hardship, strife and trauma. This is evident in her visual art, where whispers of war are hinted at with depictions of weaponry, but these are never granted the focus of the piece. Instead, her art vibrates with energy, humour and light. Her early inspiration of comic books sparkles across her mediums of painting, sculpture, installation and video. Her art is the embodiment of celebrating life and all that it offers – with vignettes of evil overwhelmed by expanses of festivity and love. Her work reflects hope for a moment of happiness with one another, not matter how brief it is. The result is a cheerful tangle of indistinct bodies that mix and mingle, illustrating her need to unite and exchange with others.


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