Stanislaw Trzebinski

“When creating the Coral Series, I envisioned them underwater. I wanted to explore the dissociation of the human condition from the natural word”.

Born in Kenya, Stanislaw Trzebinski spent much of his early life surrounded by the beauty of the Rift Valley and the East African coast. Drawn by the rich cultural heritage of the country, he learned to track, dive and speak fluent Kiswahili. His family consists of creative, eccentric individuals, resulting in a childhood filled with constant inspiration and a welcome platform for self-expression.

During his high school years, he found himself drawn to sculpture after being encouraged by one of his teachers to experiment with various mediums. It was during his brief time at Pratt in New York, that he came to the realisation that his creativity was intimately connected to the nature and people of Africa.

His current works express that intimate connection with nature, and especially his fascination with the oceans and marine life. He tends to explore the primal bond between the human condition and the natural world, and their dissociation resulting in our blindness to this bond. Through his grafting of textures from coral samples, shale, rock and organic shapes onto a human anatomical figure, he draws our attention to the notion of what lies beneath the surface, meshing together human tissue and organic form.

The well-received launch and tour of his powerful solo exhibition Ortus, announces him as a serious contender in the South African contemporary art sector. Stanislaw lives in Cape Town.